Accounting for the businesses of tomorrow, today.

CFO Advisory

Accounting is the language of business, we understand that sometimes you need an interpreter.

A Virtual CFO is a cost-effective way to get answers to important questions from an experienced professional. They act as a proactive, forward-thinking advisor and an ongoing sounding board.

Common questions a CFO can assist with include:

  • What is our business worth? How can we increase the value?
  • Should we focus on current products and markets or invest in expansion?
  • Are we under or over pricing our products or services?
  • How does our business compare to our competitors?
  • If we did *insert great business idea* what effect might this have on our business?

A good CFO will strategise, analyse and regularly challenge your business. All of which should be explained in plain English, without the wanky jargon.

If you believe your business might be a good fit for CFO advisory services, please connect with us to discuss how a tailored solution could help grow your business to the next level.

See below for more examples of how a qualified Virtual CFO can assist your business.



Profit Coaching

Understand the key drivers of your business and maximising future profitability.


Business Health Checks

Ongoing monitoring of the business to keep on track with short, long term objectives and various compliance requirements.


Budgeting & Forecasting

Avoid unnecessary stress by knowing exactly where your business stands and what would the impact be of adopting scenario A, B or C.


Cash Flow Optimisation

Monitoring and improving internal systems for debtor collections, supplier payments, inventory management and more.



Understanding how the business compares to competitors or similar businesses in your industry.


Financing Decisions

Analyse and educate on the likely best options for the business to raise capital or fund asset purchases.


Identifying Opportunities

Get ahead of the game by identifying grants, analysing trends, conducting strategic reviews, considering acquisitions, succession planning and more.

Dashboard Solutions

Visual interpretations of trends, actual vs forecasts and KPIs to share in real time with key team members.